My Battle…

Hello all, I know this is a site that covers University of Kentucky hockey, but I felt I needed to get something out in the open, and this is hard for me to do.

My name is Rob Taylor, and for as long as I can remember I have battled with depression, and it was losing battle a good portion of that. But thankfully I found a wonderful medication called Zoloft that has helped me win my battle. For years I refused to go to the doctor, or even talk to friends or family about my depression. “You’re a man, and you just bottle up your feelings” is what a lot of us are told growing up, so that’s what I did.

The worst part is not knowing how you’re going to feel one day to the next, or even one hour to the next. You can be extremely happy, then just ready hide from the world. You can be in a room full of friends and feel so alone. It’s not fun and I finally got help about 4 years ago after my divorce. I started by going to talk to a counselor, and it helped a lot. But after a couple days I’d be right back to being in darkness, so I gave up and stopped going. Two years ago I finally gave in and talked to a friend that is a physician, and she suggested we try a couple different medications to see which worked. Wellbutrin had a horrible side effect with my blood pressure, so we tried Zoloft. It has worked like a charm.

I started a new job, and one I’m very proud to have, and because of that I went three weeks without insurance and a paycheck. So my Zoloft ran out and I went without. The first few days I was ok, but for like 17 days, I was back in the darkness. I felt horrible and didn’t want to do anything or talk to anyone. Thankfully UK had two bye weeks in those three weeks so there wasn’t much to report, but that is why I had been quite on Twitter. I have now gotten my medication and getting back to normal.

I do not tell any of you this looking for sympathy, I do this because people need to know they are not alone in battling depression. You are not alone, there are over 300 million people that have depression, with 15 million living here in the United States (data from the World Health Organization). So you are far from alone in this, no matter how alone you may feel.

For those of you that are reading this that do not have depression, but know someone that does or might, talk to them. Let them talk to you, let them know you are there for them and will support them in this battle. The smallest gesture could make a huge difference to someone you care for.

If you are battling depression, or have thoughts/thinking of suicide, please reach out to someone. There are facilities that can help. A quick google search can find a local facility or counseling center near you. Here are a couple of hotlines you can reach out to as well for someone to talk to:


800-442-4673 open 24/7



Because of my battle, I want to help others to know they are not alone. I will be looking into ways to spread depression awareness and ways to get help if needed. If you have ideas, or want to help, just let me know. Again, to those that struggle with depression know there are help avenues out there. Please seek out what works best for you.

Much Love and Respect,

Rob Taylor

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