Player Interview: Team Captain Jimmy Kasch

With the first weekend in the books, it’s time to start the weekly player interviews. This year we start with team captain, Jimmy Kasch.

Jimmy put up very solid numbers last year, and will be looked upon to build off those numbers, and lead the team on and off the ice. Coach Tim Pergram has faith in Jimmy, and Coach knows what he is doing. So here is The Captain, Jimmy Kasch:

1: How do you think you’ve grown from last season to this one having spent a year in this system?

JK: It is hard to put into words how I, as well as this program, have grown under Coach TP, Clint, and all the others that have helped make this program its absolute best. We have seen so much growth, it’s really hard to put into words. This program has done a complete 180 and has taken so many steps in the right direction over the past year. I am beyond grateful to be apart of it.

2: Coach Pergram named you team captain before the season began. What does that mean to you knowing Coach has that kind of trust in you?

JK: First off, it’s an absolute honor. I know Coach TP has never been one to name captains for the teams he coaches so to be one of the few, if not the only one, it’s truly an honor. It shows the amount of trust Coach has in me to be the leader of the team, on and off the ice.

3: The team got off to a great start winning both games against Akron. Both the returning veterans and the new players made big contributions. How do you see this mix of vets and rookies growing together over the season?

JK: The amount of energy and excitement that the younger guys bring to the table is amazing. We have so much young talent, and great returning talent, that once we start to gel we are going to be a force. We still have all season to grow, but just after this first weekend, I can tell you this season is going to be something special.

4: What are some of your goals for the season?

JK: The main goal is to make Nationals and win the National Championship. I think the boys in the locker room definitely have what it takes to do so.

5: What has been your favorite moment as a member of the UK Hockey Club?

JK: Other than playing midnight games in front of the best fans in college hockey, I would have to say beating Georgia at home last season. They were one of top ranked team in the SECHC, and we had never played them before. We played our hearts out and ended up on top after an unbelievable game. Georgia ended up going to Nationals after the SECHC Tournament, so that victory supports my strong belief in in my goal for this season. Making it attainable.

6: If you were able to play a pick up game with any hockey players, who would you pick?

JK: Kane, Ovi, Crosby, Seabrook, Keith, and Crawford in net. Definitely a little biased towards my Blackhawks.

7: The team has an amazing crowd each home game. What does it mean to the team to have that kind of support?

JK: It means so much! The Big Blue Nation is amazing, I’ve never played in front of anything like it before. The whole team feeds of the energy the crowd brings. There’s nothing like playing at midnight at the Lexington Ice Center in front of the amazing group of people.

8: Anything you’d like to say to the BBN?

JK: THANK YOU BBN!! Thank you for sacrificing you Friday and Saturday nights to come out and show your support of this team. It means the world to the team. Stay loud, stay proud, stay beautiful, and remember….we are a hockey school now.

I want to thank Jimmy for taking the time to do this. Keep an eye out each week for an interview with a different member of the team.

Kentucky plays at Tennessee this weekend, on Friday and Saturday. You an keep up with all the action on the teams Twitter, @kentucky_hockey, and our Twitter, @ukhockeyreport. Go Big Blue!!

*pics used with permission of UK Hockey*

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