UK Hockey Releases 2018-19 Roster

The University of Kentucky Hockey Club has released their roster for this coming season and it will have 26 players, with 12 being new to the team this season. There will be 15 forwards, 8 defensemen, and 3 goalies to start the season.

One of these newcomers to the team this season is actually returning to the team after not playing last season, Ryan Hall. He will be a very solid addition with him bringing three years ACHA experience and putting up 96pts (52 goals, 44 assists) in those seasons.

Jimmy Kasch was named team captain by Coach Pergram for this season. Last year he scored 30pts (17g, 13a). He will be looked on to be a vocal leader this year. The team had a group of leaders graduate off last season’s team, so Jimmy will be looked on to be that leader.

This team will be bigger and faster than last years team, but with 12 new players there will be some growing pains early. This is still a team that can build on last year’s 20 win season, and challenge for a ACHA Regional invitation.

2018-19 University of Kentucky Hockey Club:

* denotes new player to the team this season

( C ) denotes team captain


Caine Burke *

Mike DeAngelis

Jake Deemer *

Gary Eastlack *

Conor Gilbert *

Ryan Hall *

Ryan Huesman*

Jimmy Kasch ( C )

Michael Liszka *

Jake Patneau

Jacob Poole *

Max Proctor

Blake Riley

Jordan Shannon

Griffin Stulman


Zachary Bartuce *

Joshua Berrios *

Max Boss

Ryan Duffy

Jack Higgins

Eric Moliter *

Gavin Obenauf

Matt Pakkala


Jeff Ison

Sam Tucker *

Eric Williams

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Note from the site:

I want to apologize to Coach Pergram and UK Hockey for a couple of errors I had in this post. I strive to bring the most up to date, and accurate, UK Hockey news possible. I misunderstood some information and posted the wrong information. For that I am sorry.

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