Welcome to UK Hockey Report

Hello to all in the UK Hockey community!! I hope you are all as ready for this season to get going as I am!

So for those of you that do not know, I am Rob Taylor, and I covered the team for ukfansallday.com last year. Through that coverage, I was able to build a very solid relationship with the staff of the club. This is something I am very proud of, and look to continue this season and beyond.

Though I loved my time with ukfansallday.com, the chance to have my own site was to good to pass up. I want to first thank Daniel at UK Fans All Day for the chance he gave me. He’s helped so many of us that have wanted to do this, and will continue to do so. Everyone should still go to that site for the UK Sports news.

With that said, I have big plans for this site, and hope to have most going this season. But at least by the start of next. To do this, I have started a Kickstarter that will go live in a few days. There will be cool donation rewards like stickers, t-shirts, and even pucks signed by UK Hockey Head Coach, Tim Pergram. There will even be sponsor opportunities as well on this.

Everything donated will go towards the site and the launching of a YouTube channel and podcast devoted to only UK Hockey. But to do these things the Kickstarter was needed. I am also looking for sponsors for the site to help with these costs as well.

But enough about money, back to what matters, UK Hockey and getting the word out about the program! This season is going to be a fun one with the staff now having their system in place for a full season, a great group of returning players, and a solid recruiting class coming in. You can count of UK Hockey Report to bring you all the up to date news as it happens through the season! This means preseason preview, weekly player interviews, game recaps, season review, and much more! So keep keep an eye out in the coming weeks as the season draws closer and things get rolling!!


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